Textile Design

We are opening new market avenues with designing and textile digital printing.

With the digital printing method on fabrics, patterns and images can be printed directly from the computer screen onto the fabric, creating exciting opportunities for new products and cost-effective deals in the ever changing market.
Now, the high cost of printing and the limited number of colors and products are past.
The new textile printing of Lacrimosa Design is the key to new market openings since it has nothing of the traditional textile printing drawbacks while offering unlimited number of colors usage in an excellent print quality with the ability of multiple patterns designing especially for limited productions.


Why should I choose Lacrimosa Design for designing and digital textile printing?


    •    We will make your life easier, taking into consideration your demands on the designing and printing part, offering as much time needed to suggest and explain to you the whole process to meet your needs in the best possible way, in the best possible time.
    •    We work honestly and consistently.
    •    Our products are of excellent quality.
    •    Our main goal is to create a long term customer relationship.



Lacrimosa Design knows that everything starts when we are making the best use of methods to communicate and interact with our clients.

Designing on fabric

We are extremely versatile when it comes to creating patterns for our products. Our designs are aiming to create a strong statement and communicate your message more effectively. We can advise you about fashion trends, reception and house decoration and how it could best serve your business or your customers. Bold contrasts or soft shades, shapes, flowers, abstract designs, vintage or retro creations, different patterns and handmade drawings are all part of our rich palette.



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Textile Printing

Benefits of digital printing on fabric

To get the most out of digital textile printing is important to understand the capabilities and focus on value not price.


Thereby you have the opportunity for:

Multiple color options and unlimited designs.

  • Huge reduction in production time.

  • Possibility for immediate delivery.
  • Reduction in the overall process, from design to production.

  • Mass customization of products.

  • Elimination of sample cost for a particular presentation.

  • Excellent print quality that offers a print output that cannot easily be copied.

  • Selection of fabrics and special characteristics depending on the use of the final application.


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Textile Applications

Products and applications

We use our knowledge and our imagination to help you utilize all the current technology to produce new products in the existing market.




Regarding to fashion, perhaps one of the largest industries, we can design and print original designs for your collection. We create unique and fresh designs in line with contemporary style and trends that could even make a statement along with the opportunity to produce without limits. We can even create patterns and designs on fabrics for a small number of pieces in a short time.



Colorful bags, shoes, scarves, aprons and other accessories from printed fabric have a huge interest in the current market. We design and produce these products with real designs, ideas and with a very creative mood.


Interior design:

Pillows, decorative items, lamps, curtains, tablecloths and many other creations for interior design can be easily created. We have the production knowledge, the texture, the materials and we can work collectively for the best result.



Furniture decoration:

Give attitude and style to your sofas, your chairs, stools and garden furniture with unique patterns and drawings designed only for you by LacrimosaDesign. We can print the brightest colors on fabrics ideally for furniture.  Stripes, shapes, colors and special theme designs can give you the style you desire.




Contact us with a message for products especially designed according to your company’s brand and style. Use design and printing on fabric as a marketing tool. Together we can create products that will impress your clients, boost your sales and promote your services.




If you are planning a wedding, a religious event, a presentation, an opening or even promoting a service and you want to print a fabric that will accompany your own personal style our new service is especially made for you. We design the graphic theme that matches your pillows, mats, candy boxes and packages giving a more personal and vibrant tone to your event.



Everyday products:

We create iPad cases, notebooks, towels, tobacco pouches and other everyday products enriching your production range by giving your clients more options with originally designed products.  
We can design and print on fabric for any professional category


What are the wholesale services Lacrimosa Design offers for professionals?


Choose one of our three services and explore how fabric design and print can benefit your company!


  • Branded

Empower your brand with our customized products.

Create special branded gifts for your customers and stuff and make our products a strong promotional tool for your company! We can together analyse your needs and create amazing products that, besides their decorative use, they will become a successful selling point.

> Ideal for all companies


  • My Collection

Let us create a custom collection you can sell on your store!

We design the fabrics of your own collection and we produce decorative products and other useful accessories like pillows, lamps, aprons, towels, curtains, bags and more, specially designed for you. The quality of our products is of the highest and you will be positively surprised from our delivery time.

> Ideal for hotels, cafe, shops, spas, saloons, decorators and special events like wedding and baptism.


  • Wholesale

Sell our products from your store

Lacrimosa Design gives you the opportunity to become a reseller. By welcoming our products to your store you can increase your sales and renew the collection of products. We guarantee that our products will give a positive breeze to your personal and professional space.

> Ideal for stores and chain of stores.



Is there a limit in wholesales and in customized designs and what exactly the process is?

If you are interested in digital printing on fabric the cost is proportional to the printed square meters. However there is no restriction on the amount of printing or in the production of graphic themes. 
In the end, we can create a sample of the final product and undertake the study, the design process and the production.


What kinds of inks are being used? Is the print permanent?

We use sublimation ink and heat transfer technology. They have a great accuracy almost like the original one. This of course varies depending on the theme editing as well as the color and quality of the fabric. The printing is permanent and does not fade. Its semblance looks exactly like products we see in stores.  



Is the printed fabric washable?

You can hand wash them or use the machine ideally up to 40oC since the colors are indelible. The colors will remain vibrant and won’t fade


Can I give you my pattern or fabric?

You can print your own pattern and only make use of the printing on fabric service if you prefer. You cannot print on your own fabric though since not all fabrics are suitable for digital printing. In any case a preceded control must be made to your fabric.


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